Your Guardian Angel
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Author © Rhianna Breakwell (WhyMustIBeSoNerdy)
Fic-Type A Story
Rating Rated T+ #PG
Genres Romance/Slice-of-Life
Pairings #Bubblee #Gumceline
State In-Prograss
Fic-Length (Currently) +100 Pages / 5 Parts
Characters ※Main※ P.Bubblegum/Marshall/Marceline/P.Gumball
Tags #AU #All-Human #High-school
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Let's face it; Growing up sucks. Even if you're the richest in the school or The Prettiest in your grade; everyone runs into problems one way or another, as these four kids find out. Marshall's Mother has cancer; Marceline's Father bullies her; Bubblegum's friendships have hit rock bottom and Bubba's parents have pushed him to the edge. These teens are brought together through love, loss, hurt and hope as they go through their Last year of High School together, Finding out who they truly are and where they belong.


Your Guardian Angel @Wattpad. Was Updated 07 Months ago –Still In-Prograss. & Contains 105 Pages Into 5 Parts:

  • Part 01: Your Guardian Angel (26 Pages)
  • Part 02: Nothing Is All I Feel (20 Pages)
  • Part 03: Silent Tears& Beautiful Suicide (23 Pages)
  • Part 04: Wightless (17 Pages)
  • Part 05: Brotherly Love (19 Pages)
Ξ Rated T+ ◎PG ‡Suitable For The Age Thirteen and Above

Has The Pairings ~Bubblee (Mainly), ~Gumceline. w/ The Genres Romance /◎Slice-of-Life 

§High-school §AUAll-Human) §Very-Long §Love/Loss/Hurt